Welcome to the site for Only Human, a book in four acts by Leigh Holland. Act One: The Pooka’s Tales: Speak of the Devil is out now! Find it at Only Human (Act One).


“I bet everyone will find something to appeal to them personally in these outstanding Tales. So, I think this book should not be missed!”

“I could see that this book is an overall representation of human and its weaknesses. In fact, it makes me think that this book is tackling the different struggles that humans face everyday. There is something insightful about this book.”

“A very good read! What else is there to say? Read it for yourself & you will see how good of a read it is!”

“Quick, witty, and sometimes just plain charming, Ms. Holland’s writing is as if the Pooka is actually talking to us…definitely a fun read!” –Tome Tender Blog

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